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At TapRen Tech Solutions, we deliver exceptional customer service through a streamlined workflow. With years of experience, we have refined our four-step process to provide consistent and reliable solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs. Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide top-notch results every time.

Step 1

Understanding the product, design specs, quality criteria & specific request

We work closely with our customers to ensure their vision is realized in the final product. By gaining a deep understanding of design specs and quality criteria upfront, we identify potential issues early and ensure the final product meets the necessary standards.

Step 2

Working with our manufacturing partners in Asia & the price quote

We conduct thorough assessments of manufacturers in Asia (China, India & Vietnam)  to ensure they meet our customers' expectations for quality, pricing, lead times, and quantity. We balance pricing with quality to deliver the best outcome for our customers.

Step 3

Samples for testing

Testing product samples is crucial to ensure quality standards and performance. After testing, results are analyzed, and adjustments can be made to design or manufacturing. This iterative process is repeated until the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

Step 4

Final Order, shipping & payments

Finalizing an order involves completing the necessary paperwork, selecting a reliable and cost-effective shipping method, and ensuring that the payment process is secure and convenient. By carefully considering these factors and streamlining the process, unnecessary delays and complications can be avoided, resulting in a smooth and efficient transaction.

Connecting Dots
  • What cost savings can I expect from your business?
    You can expect to save up to 40-50% compared to other vendors in the USA. While the costs of PCB, electronics components, and battery cells may be similar, you will see significant savings in assembly prices. Our functional testing costs only 10$/hour, and the non-reoccurring price is just 35$. Additionally, you can rest assured that the quality of our products is top-notch, as our manufacturers have over 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • Can we get a direct price quote without following the steps shown above?
    Yes. For PCBA: Please send us the Gerber file and BOM, and we will provide you with a quote within 5-7 business days. For custom battery packs: Please provide us with details such as battery chemistry, required cells, capacity, voltage/current requirements, dimensions, casing requirements, working conditions (temperature and humidity), and battery management system details. We will provide you with a quote within 5-7 business days if there are no follow-up questions. Why do we take longer than our competitor for quote? Quality takes time. We take our time to carefully screen our trusted multiple PCB and battery suppliers, ensuring that they meet our criteria for timing, quality, and pricing to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Can you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
    Yes. To ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights, we offer the option to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for both companies and individuals. We will comply with all NDA requirements and maintain confidentiality. Please send the filled NDA with your information to
  • What is the lead time to finish the order?
    After receiving all necessary information from our customers and order placement, we aim to fulfill orders within 30 days. However, please note that shipping delays may cause variations in this time-frame.
  • Can I get samples for my order, and is there a charge?
    Yes, we offer samples for a fee + shipping charges. However, we will refund this fee once you place an order for 2000 PCBA or 100 battery packs.
  • What are the available shipping options and estimated delivery times?
    Our customers have the flexibility to choose between air and sea shipping options based on their preference for PCBA and for battery pack only via sea shipment. The delivery time may vary due to the shipment date, production delay, and customs clearance. On average, air shipments take approximately one week, while sea shipments take approximately four weeks from the date of shipment. In case customers prefer arranging their own delivery, we are happy to accommodate their needs.
  • Do you have a payment plan, or must we pay upfront?
    We require a 70% upfront payment from the customer, with the remaining amount due upon product delivery.
  • Can you provide PCBA for small quantity orders?
    The minimum order quantity depends on the size and complexity of the PCB. However, we recommend ordering more than 500 PCBA to receive significant cost savings and benefits.
  • We have a last-minute design change; can you accommodate that?
    Please reach out to us for any last-minute design changes. If the PCBs have not yet been manufactured, we may be able to accommodate the changes. However, if the PCBs have already been manufactured, we can not be able to accommodate any design changes.
  • What types of testing are done on PCB before shipping?
    Testing done before shipping: Visual inspection, electrical testing, mechanical testing, environmental testing. Given the instruction/guide/requirement for functional test, we will provide additional quotation for the functional test at the cost of $10/hour.
  • What if some parts are unavailable or need to be sent by us for PCBA?
    Sure, you can send us any proprietary ICs or components to our specified address, and we'll take care of the rest. If some parts are unavailable, we will inform you and provide alternative options before sending you the final price quote.
  • What if we find defective PCBs in the bulk order or not up to the specs (quality issues)?
    At our company, we prioritize quality, but in the rare event that you receive defective or subpar PCBs, please let us know with the relevant details. We will immediately issue a refund for those items.
  • Can we cancel our order?
    Once the fabrication process of PCBs has commenced, cancellation of the order is not possible. We strive to minimize any losses to our customers in this scenario. However, if PCB fabrication has not yet begun, cancellation is possible, and we will refund the payment after deducting a small fee.
  • Where can I find the relevant PCB Manufacture certification?
    Please check our manufactures' certification below. If you need any specific certification from our manufacture please contact us.
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